Russell Brand Says Bonjour to 'Pierre, Pierre'

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Russell Brand's most famous attribute — other than being tremendously skinny, sort of scuzzy, kind of obnoxious and Katy Perry's ex-husband — is his British accent. But at least one of those things is about to undergo a radical change, as according to Variety, Brand has just signed on to star in the upcoming comedy "Pierre Pierre."

How exactly do you say "restraining order" in French, anyway?

Okay, we kid, we kid. Actually, this seems like just the kind of project that can help Brand get out of his recent creative and personal malaise (no offense, "Brand X with Russell Brand"), as it's chock full of the type of ribald nonsense Brand excels at.

So just what is the film, which originally had Jim Carrey attached, about? Well, Variety describes it as following the story of "an obnoxious French nihilist (Brand) who transports a stolen painting from Paris to London. Along the way he crosses paths with a French police inspector, a serial killer named Pigeonshit and his own brothel-owning mother."

Yep, that sounds just about right. After all, when it comes to debauchery and depravity, there's no question that Brand has that certain je ne sais quoi.