Hollywood's 'Grand Seduction:' Taylor Kitsch Keeps Getting Work

[caption id="attachment_128404" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Taylor Kitsch[/caption]

If the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences began handing out Oscars for Best Agent, this year's prize would be a shoo-in, because whomever is handling Taylor Kitsch's post-meltdown career deserves some sort of award.

That's because, despite the fact that Kitsch headlined two of the biggest bombs of the year — and arguably of all time — in "Battleship" and "John Carter," Variety is reporting that he's already landed his next leading role, as the hunky actor is set to star in the upcoming comedy "Grand Seduction."

But can he seduce viewers into actually seeing this one?

Frankly, we hope so, because despite those two epic turdburgers, Kitsch is still one of our favorites (see: "Friday Night Lights"). And he has also proven this year that he does have game, as shown in the Oliver Stone actioner "Savages." So he has that going for him.

And now he also has the lead in "Grand Seduction," which is set to co-star Brendan Gleeson. We know what you're thinking, but sadly the film does not actually involve Gleeson seducing Kitsch. Rather, the seduction is metaphorical, as the movie — which is a remake of the hit French-Canadian film "La grande seduction" — is about the leader of a small town (that's Gleeson) trying to trick a big city doctor (that's... Kitsch?!) into staying in their little burg.

Well, it doesn't have any four-armed CGI martians or board game pieces in it, so it's already better than his other movies this year. C'mon, Taylor, we're pulling for you. Don't screw this one up.

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