Bane's Voice: Before And After The Tracheotomy

[caption id="attachment_127946" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Warner Bros."]Tom Hardy as Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises"[/caption]

Wve gtt arr brrnd ew viddyou uv gttt to chkk ouett!

Oh, sorry. What we mean to say is, we've got a brand new video that you've got to check out, because it takes the audio of Bane's nearly undecipherable voice from "The Dark Knight Rises" and compares it to the original, even more undecipherable version that appeared in the IMAX preview for the film last year.

Gotham's reckoning never sounded quite so... garbled.

Of course, there's a simple explanation for why Tom Hardy's already iconic villain sounds like he has a mouth full of angry mice. After all, he's wearing a giant respirator thingy that's halfway between Darth Vader and Hannibal Lechter, with a dash of Cobra Commander thrown in for good measure.

Still, after IMAX audiences complained that they couldn't understand a blessed thing Bane was saying through the entire trailer, director Christopher Nolan went back to the mixing studio and came up with a new sound almost compatible with the human ear. And thanks to the folks at Daily Motion, now we can hear a short scene-by-scene comparison to hear just what those changes sound like.

Check it out. And discover why terrorist threats sound so much more frightening when you don't sound like you're in the middle of eating a Subway footlong:

Bane's voice comparison (IMAX prologue vs... by mrstevenrichter