Take a Mental Vacation With 4 'Total Recall' Clips

[caption id="attachment_140275" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sony Pictures"]Total Recall[/caption]

22 years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger took Mars by storm and made human shields seem practical, but now Colin Farrell thinks he can one-up The Governator with a "Total Recall" for today's demanding special effects hound.

Director Len Wiseman of "Underworld" fame lends his eye for sci-fi mayhem — as well as wife Kate Beckinsale — for this new iteration of Douglas Quaid (Farrell) and his quest to figure out whether he's a spy with a memory problem or just a guy on a bad (implanted) acid trip. Jessica Biel and "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston co-star.

1. Walter White really wants Colin Farrell back, presumably to make meth for him.

2. All those years of playing "Halo" have finally paid off.

3. Somehow Imperial Stormtroopers from "Star Wars" evaded security and blitzed the set with typically bad aim.

4. Consider that a divorce.

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