Straight Outta Gotham: Tom Hardy Raps (With Infant Son)

[caption id="attachment_139994" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="YouTube"]Tom and Louis Hardy Rap[/caption]

It's the Internet's reckoning, in the best way possible.

We have no idea how this came about, but we're so happy it exists. Here is Tom Hardy offering his version of KRS-One's "Hip Hop vs. Rap," in the middle of what looks like a suburban neighborhood — complete with his infant son, Louis Hardy, strapped to his chest.

First of all, the "Dark Knight Rises" star is actually quite good at freestyling. Second of all, he has his infant son strapped to his chest. Young Louis seems to be quietly humoring Dad throughout.

Start your weekend off right with the slightly NSFW video below (but really, if it's okay for the baby's ears, it's okay for ours), and know that Tom Hardy apparently has a back-up plan should he ever decide to quit his day job. Thanks to FilmDrunk for the find.