Three Breasts in 'Total Recall' Reboot? You Bet Your Boobies

We never doubted for a second that director Len Wiseman wouldn't embrace the opportunity to bring back one of the most iconic throw-away characters in the history of sci-fi cinema.

Well, maybe we did a couple of weeks ago at the San Diego Comic-Con, and our lingering doubt prompted NextMovie's own Kevin Polowy to ask pretty much everyone who came down the press line (whether they were involved in "Total Recall" or not): Is there indeed going to be a three-breasted hooker in the rebooted adventures of Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell)?

The answers ranged from sly (Bryan Cranston) to exasperatingly confrontational (Jessica Biel), but it was Kate Beckinsale who finally assured us that, yes, despite the PG-13 rating, we will be seeing the return of the most important character in all of "Total Recall" lore. And her triple-breasts are apparently worthy of envy.

Watch Kevin's journey to the truth in the video above. "Total Recall" opens Aug. 3.

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