'Total Recall' Actress Has Only Two Breasts

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Most of the time, when someone only has a few minutes of screen time in a film, they don't get a whole lot of attention. You know, cameos, walk-ons and extras don't often take the spotlight away from superstars. But when you have three breasts, well, that tends to change more things than just your bra size.

Case in point: According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Total Recall" actress Kaitlyn Leeb has become a viral sensation thanks to her recent appearance at Comic-Con in character — and now she wants the world to know that her character's third breast is just part of the costume.

Sorry, guys.

"There were a bunch of people at Comic-Con asking if I had surgery for the third one," Leeb said in a recent interview. "Others thought that the two on the side were real. I guess that's the one thing that bothers me the most is that they think I'm out there prancing around Comic-Con with my breasts out. They really are not mine."

Of course, it's not really a surprise that a three-breasted woman would get attention from the Comic-Con crowd, or any crowd at all for that matter. After all, the original three-breasted hooker who appeared in the 1990 version of "Total Recall" is perhaps that film's most fondly remembered legacy.

And in the end, that's perfectly cool with Leeb, who is soaking it all in.

"It feels amazing that you’re recognized. It's surreal, the past couple of days. It's all new and exciting."

You know what else is new and exciting? Three breasts, fake or not.

The dream lives on.

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