For Ben Stiller And Jonah Hill, 'Aloha' Means Bromance

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They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but apparently stars Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill don't even want to take that chance. Case in point: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo is in talks to reunite for the brand new comedy "Aloha" even before their current collaboration, "The Watch," arrives in theaters this Friday.

Looks like this time, "Aloha" means "bromance."

And Hill isn't the only big name looking to get back together with Stiller; while details on "Aloha" are still sketchy — it's merely described as an "island comedy," which, duh — it appears the film will be directed by Stiller's "Night at the Museum" partner Shawn Levy, who also produced "The Watch."

Plus, just to make it very clear how much everyone involved with "Aloha" enjoys working together, the film is being scripted by Hill's "Get Him to the Greek" writer Nicholas Stoller from an idea that Levy, Hill and Stiller hashed out while working on "The Watch."

So say hello to "Aloha" and goodbye to boredom, because for Stiller and Hill, it's one big happy comedy family these days. Isn't young love cute?