Twitter Reactions: Will You Still See 'Dark Knight Rises' This Weekend?

[caption id="attachment_138520" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Christian Bale and Michael Caine in "The Dark Knight Rises"[/caption]

It's a question we thought we'd never need to ask: Are you going to see "The Dark Knight Rises" this weekend?

In light of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo., people are no longer wondering how many times they'll see the film, but if they want to keep their plans to spend time in the multiplex watching the finale to Christopher Nolan's epic superhero trilogy at all.

We asked the Twitter followers of @NextMovie and @filmdotcom if the news made them nervous to hit the theaters moving forward... and you refuse to be swayed.

The possibility of an incident like this had occurred to me before, though more in context of terrorism. Not changing any plans. @ChrisGomez37

Not changing my plans. Maybe going will be a tribute to those who lost life trying to do something so simple as seeing a movie. @MikeABauer

Yes for me. I'll probably wait like three weeks to see it now. It's so scary. @Pixie_Lim

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No way! A totally isolated incident. It's terrible that 1 person w/evil intentions can turn a night of fun into tragedy. - @bpelletier1

That's the meaning of the term "terror", to keep you away from your usual life and make you live in a constant fear. - @jobtejas

That's a good question. The answer is yes for me. Definitely re-thinking attending the movie this weekend. @TwiExaminer

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Not afraid to go to the Movies, just feels weird to go to this a.m. showing of TKDR after this sad news. @20011v

No. I can get shot up in a mall/on the street just the same as the theater. 1 crazy won't keep me for doing something I love. - @ForReelBlog

Def. gonna see it again in IMAX asap. Isolated instances of absolute lunacy are just that - isolated. Gotta have perspective. - @thesubstream

Hell no! F**k that guy! @MediaWaltz

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