8 Guys We Want to See Strip in 'Magic Mike 2'

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Yes, we're excited for "The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Amazing Spider-Man." But if you ask us (and you just did – no, really, we heard you), the movie that's going to make our summer special is "Magic Mike." It's not only meat-packed with some of the best-looking men working in Hollywood today, but it's based on Channing Tatum's life. Everything you see on-screen was inspired by actual events, which makes it all that much more tantalizing.

Plus, it's just fun. A lot of summer films offer shirtless dudes, but how many have based an entire movie around their ability to look good shirtless, pantless and dancing? Zero. Mark our words, "Magic Mike" is gonna be huge. And after it blows away the box office, you know what the studio will be thinking: Sequel! We've known we wanted a "Magic Mike 2" ever since the trailer came out.

So, to give the studio a head start, here's eight guys we'd like to see take it all off for a twenty in "Magic Mike 2."

Chris Hemsworth

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We can pick the exact moment we said "I like this Hemsworth guy!", and it was when he nonchalantly buttoned his jeans in front of Kat Dennings and Natalie Portman in "Thor." Yes, we came to love him more for the growly charm he gave the God of Thunder and his Huntsman, but come on, there's nothing wrong with admiring a god's body. A turn in "Magic Mike 2" would let him take it off, show it off, and top it of with that big, beautiful smile we don't see enough of. Ideally, his strip tease will have some kind of "Bringing the thunder" angle just to give a nod and wink to the role that made him an action icon.

Alexander Skarsgård

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Fans of "True Blood" have seen just about all there is of Skarsgård, and it's enough to know we can't ever get enough. But we'd like to see the whole package do something a bit different from all that glowering and blood-sucking. We want to see him dance, like he did as the ill-fated Meekus in "Zoolander." We're thinking he can team up with Hemsworth for a Scandinavian theme, but if Vikings seem too obvious for the blondes, maybe Skarsgard's number can be minimalist, futuristic and ultramodern. Basically, we just want him in black leather.

Josh Holloway

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When "Lost" ended, we thought we'd be buried in a delicious pile-up of Holloway movie roles. But that hasn't happened. To make up for it, let's get him onstage thrusting along to some house music. Since "castaway" isn't a particularly enticing number, we're going to ask that he borrow a page from his "Community" cameo and don the traditional stripper outfit of a cowboy hat, some chaps, and ... well, nothing else except his beard scruff.

Taylor Kitsch

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Three (count 'em, three!) big movies in 2012 have whetted our appetite for more Kitsch ... especially since he spent so much of "John Carter" dressed in a glorified loincloth. The only problem with all three films is that Kitsch was in pure action mode, and we'd like to see him smile, strut and flash those abs like a man who is truly proud of them. We don't want to be crass and suggest he should recycle his Navy uniform from "Battleship" ... but we've gone there in our minds, so we'll just walk away now.

Isaiah Mustafa

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One might say that Mustafa has already given us a strip show in his "Old Spice" ads, since he travels to exotic locales wearing only a towel. But owing to the unfortunate tendency of towels to fall off, he's forced just to stand there and talk to us. We want to see Mustafa move. We don't know what kind of routine would suit this manliest of men, but perhaps he should buck expectations of performing as a fireman or a cop, and go for the well-fitted tuxedo.

Kit Harington

[caption id="attachment_135186" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Getty Images"]Kit Harington[/caption]

"Game of Thrones" has become legendary for its nudity, but one young stud who has stubbornly refused to disrobe is Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow). Oh sure, his character spends his time at a wall made of ice and snow, but are you telling us he never needs to take a bath? Do laundry? Change his clothes? Since "Thrones" won't de-clothe him, a movie will have to. We're not sure what routine suits him – nothing medieval, the clothing is just too clunky – but we do know he has the perfect smolder to hypnotize us while he unbuttons.

Jared Padalecki

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Padalecki has been faithfully hunking it out on "Supernatural" for several years now, so it's time to bring those good looks to the A-list in something that's not splattered with blood, guts and monsters. While Googling ideas for his routine, we came across a site devoted purely to his posterior ... and it looks so good in jeans, we're going to suggest he sticks with a suggestively ripped pair that will come off at just the right beat.

Ian Somerhalder

[caption id="attachment_135233" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Getty Images"]Iam Somerhalder[/caption]

It's hard to see past "Vampire Diairies" star Somerhalder's electric blue eyes, but if there's one thing that can make us blink, it would be if he tossed us his jacket and tore away his pants. If he doesn't nab the part of Christian Grey in the inevitable "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, then here's his chance to fulfill all those fantasies involving handcuffs, whips and his icy eyes, but in a far more crowd-pleasing (and less painful) way.