'Twilight' Director Continues to Have a Thing for Cam Gigandet

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It's official: Catherine Hardwicke totally has a thing for Cam Gigandet.

You know, creatively speaking, that is.

At least, that seems to be the takeaway from Variety's announcement today that the "Twilight" director has just signed Gigandet to headline her upcoming thriller, "Plush." Hey, once those vampires get in your blood, there's just no substitute for the real thing.

And make no mistake about it: Despite appearing in all sorts of films over the past four years, from "Trespass" to "The Roommate" to "Easy A," Gigandet is still best known to the world as James, the vampire who tried to make a snack out of Kristen Stewart in "Twilight."

Now, though, thanks to Hardwicke, he'll have another chance to break out of that typecast mentality. And, according to Variety, he'll be using his big brain as a weapon instead of his big fangs, as he'll star opposite Emily Browning as "a psychic psychologist who delves into the minds of patients and sees their memories in order to help them unleash past demons."

Here's hoping one of those demons he dredges up isn't the memory of Hardwicke getting canned from "The Twilight Saga." After all, this team is too cool to break up.

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