Luna Lovegood Battles a 'Monster Butler'

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If there's one thing Luna Lovegood knows better than pretty much anyone, it's monsters and how to fight them. So it's only fitting that according to The Hollywood Reporter, Evanna Lynch, who played Lovegood in the "Harry Potter" films, has just signed on to co-star opposite fellow "Potter" alum Gary Oldman in the upcoming thriller "Monster Butler."

We can only imagine what kind of crazy details The Quibbler might have on monster butlers.

As much as we loved the perennially spacey Lovegood and her equally dotty father Xenophilius in the "Harry Potter" books, we should say that this latest role, despite the film's title, is about as far from magic and flights of fancy as you can get.

To wit: Malcolm McDowell stars as a real-life serial killer named Roy Fontaine, a con man and jewel thief who killed five people in the 1970s while working as a butler. Lynch will play a young bride-to-be who is charmed by her worldly wise new butler and ...

Well, if we said any more it might spoil things for you. Whatever happens to her onscreen character, though, the role is a major coup for Lynch, being her first appearance in a non-"Harry Potter" film. So will she follow in the footsteps of Daniel Radcliffe and break out of the "Potter" typecasting to become a bona fide star?

It looks to us like the magic is about to continue for Luna Lovegood.

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