Nick Stahl: I'm Not Dead

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According to People Magazine, Nick Stahl, who was reported missing last week by his concerned wife, has sent an email to friends assuring them he is not dead but is simply in rehab.

"I'm relieved," Rose Stahl said in an interview. "But I'm also skeptical that he's really in rehab."

Nick Stahl, who is best known for playing John Connor in the 2003 blockbuster "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines," was last seen by his wife on May 9. Citing fears that he had become involved with drugs and other dangerous activities, she reported him missing to the Los Angeles Police Department on May 14.

According to the report, despite Stahl's email, the LAPD have not yet closed their missing person's case, as it's possible someone else with access to Stahl's account sent the message.

Stahl is next set to star in "The Unknown Son;"there is no word yet on how his upcoming projects may be affected by his absence.