'Terminator 3' Star Nick Stahl Reported Missing

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Veteran actor Nick Stahl, who starred as John Connor in the 2003 blockbuster "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines," has been reported missing by his wife.

Last seen on May 9, Stahl "had been frequenting the Skid Row area of Downtown Los Angeles recently" and "there are concerns he may have gotten himself involved in some bad stuff," according to TMZ.

Details are still unclear, but according to the TMZ report, Stahl's wife previously "filed court papers, expressing serious concerns that Nick may be using drugs." Now "sources say she fears drugs may have something to do with his disappearance."

Stahl's wife contacted the Los Angeles Police Department to report her husband missing on Monday.

A child acting prodigy, Stahl first shot to fame when he starred opposite Mel Gibson in the 1993 film "The Man Without A Face" at the age of 14. His other film credits include "Sin City," "In the Bedroom" and "The Thing Red Line." He is currently set to next star in the indie thriller "The Unknown Son."