We've Scared Up 3 Spooky 'Cabin in the Woods' Clips

[caption id="attachment_122683" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Lionsgate"]The Cabin in the Woods[/caption]

Like horndog lambs to the slaughter, a group of college kids get more than they bargained for when they travel to a remote "Cabin in the Woods" and encounter some things that mosquito repellent can't save them from.

This genre-bending experiment in fear is brought to you with tongue firmly in cheek by cowriter and director Drew Goddard ("Cloverfield") and "Avengers" helmer/geek deity Joss Whedon.

1. In a surprise to all of us, the tobacco-chewin', redneck, war-veteran gas-station attendant turns out to be an ornery cuss.

2. Chris Hemsworth gets infected with "stupid plot convenience" gas.

3. There could only be one thing down that creepy cellar door: raspberry preserves.