'Total Recall' Promo Is a Total Tease

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In the 1990 movie "Total Recall," people are implanted with false memories that make them doubt everything they've ever seen and done. And now you can experience that sensation yourself, because the first teaser for this year's remake of "Total Recall" is here — and by the looks of it, it's absolutely nothing like the "Total Recall" you remember.

Looks like your memory just got a major upgrade.

Not that there's anything wrong with the Arnold Schwarzenegger version, of course, but seeing Colin Farrell jump around like a badass really punches our ticket. And this new version of the story is as different as the modern CGI effects, as Farrell plays a guy who believes he may be a double agent in an ongoing future war, except he doesn't actually know which side he is fighting for.

Best of all, as cool as this clip is, it's just a teaser for the real trailer, which is set to debut on Sunday. So check it out, courtesy of Collider — and get ready to have your mind rewritten once again: