Abigail Breslin Jumps into 'The Hive' with Halle Berry

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Abigail Breslin might have stolen the show (literally) in "Little Miss Sunshine," but let's not forget that she got her big break in M. Night Shyamalan's thriller, "Signs" —and now, the 16-year-old thesp is going back to her horror roots with "The Hive."

According to Variety, Breslin joins Halle Berry for this one, which is interesting since back in January it was reported that Berry had bowed out due to scheduling conflicts. We sure hope this new news is true, as Breslin and Berry together would be one serious dream team, in our humble opinion.

The flick originally had Joel Schumacher at the helm, but he has been replaced by Brad Anderson — who brings with him a list of credits that include "The Machinist," "Vanishing on 7th Street" and "Session 9."

The story follows a 9-1-1 operator (Berry) who must work to save a young girl (Breslin) who is being attacked by a serial killer. And, apparently we're not the only ones cheering Breslin's casting. In a formal statement, Anderson said, "Abigail is always wonderful playing vulnerable characters so I feel really lucky to have her for this role."

No word yet on whether the serial killer uses any sort of bees or if that's just some fancy metaphor, but we can't wait to find out.