Jake Gyllenhaal Kills It In New Music Video

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Jake Gyllenhaal has played heroes ("Prince of Persia"), soldiers ("Jarhead"), cowboys ("Brokeback Mountain") and romantics ("Love and Other Drugs"), but no matter what role he takes on, one thing remains the same: He's just a little bit off-kilter.

You know what we mean; he's got a little bit of those crazy eyes, right?

Which makes his new role as a music video serial killer strangely believable.

Not that you should worry about Gyllenhaal snapping and coming after you in real life; he's still acting in this new viral clip from the French synthpop band The Shoes. But there's no question that there's just something ... darkly mesmerizing about Gyllenhaal in this creepy murder fantasia. We're getting the shivers again just thinking about it.

So is it enough to enshrine Gyllenhaal in the pantheon of great music video performances by Hollywood stars? See for yourself, courtesy of YouTube — and see why you may never quite look at Gyllenhaal the same way again.