'Amazing Spider-Man' Footage Swings into Theaters Around the World

[caption id="attachment_90604" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Columbia Pictures"]The Amazing Spider-Man[/caption]

Today is a special day. No, it's not just the day after the Super Bowl and five days until "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1" comes out on DVD. Nope. Today is the day we got a sneak peek at some "Amazing Spider-Man" footage … and we're totally sold.

Sony put together a little gathering at movie theaters across the world, where a new 3-D trailer made its debut, as well as a sizzle reel from the film. A simulcast featuring Emma Stone in Rio, Rhys Ifans in London, director Mark Webb in Los Angeles and Andrew Garfield in New York City kept the lucky fans in attendance cheering as they introduced each clip and answered questions.

The new trailer – which will be released online tonight at 3 a.m. ET – looks best in 3-D and highlights the point that this is Spidey's "untold story."

"This really starts off with Peter Parker and his parents – how that impacts Peter informs the narrative," Webb explained, adding, that his film delves deep into "the emotional consequence of what it means to be an orphan."

"I wanted to treat Peter Parker in a more realistic, naturalistic way," he said.

Stone offered her thoughts on the difference between Gwen Stacy and the previous Spidey love interest, Mary Jane Watson.

"Gwen is pretty much the yin to Mary Jane's yang. They're polar opposites," she said. "Gwen falls in love with Peter Parker; I think Mary Jane kind of falls in love with Spider-Man."

Garfield didn't so much offer a tease about the film as much as a taste of why the fans were so excited to see him.

When asked why he wanted to be Peter Parker, he responded, "Because I'm not an idiot," adding that he hopes the next Peter Parker will "be a half-Hispanic, half African-American actor."

While the crowd went wild across the world for the actors and their feelings on their characters, the biggest cheers were for the movie itself. Set your alarm and see if you won't be joining them.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" arrives in theaters on July 3.