Volkswagen's 'Star Wars' Ad Campaign Has Gone to the Dogs

[caption id="attachment_105801" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Volkswagen"][/caption]

Hey guys, remember how awesome the Super Bowl was last year? No, not the game itself — who cares, right? — we mean the advertisement that Volkswagen ran where a little boy wearing a Darth Vader costume used the force to turn on his dad's car. The clip, which instantly went viral when it was leaked before the big game, became one of the most buzzed about clips of 2011.

So what could Volkswagen possibly do to top a cute commercial featuring an adorable little kid? Well, how about a commercial featuring a bunch of adorable dogs dressed up in "Star Wars" costumes?

Chances are, just reading that sentence was enough to give you a Joker-style perma-grin, but if you somehow have a heart of solid coal — or you're a Sith lord — then there's something else you should know: Those dogs are also barking the "Imperial March." Dogs. In "Star Wars" costumes. Barking the "Imperial March."


George Lucas may have lost his magic, but clearly Volkswagen still has it. Try not to say "awwww," we dare you.