Peter Facinelli Answers a Pressing 'Breaking Dawn' Question

Let's be honest, "What happens next?" isn't the only question filmgoers have as the lights turn up on "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1."

Sure, many are wondering what Bella will be like as a vampire or what kind of creature Renesmee is exactly, but we had a big one and we made sure to ask Peter Facinelli when we got the chance at the New York City premiere of the film.

How, exactly, did the Cullens come to possess all that expensive medical equipment in their home that they used to monitor Bella throughout her traumatic pregnancy?

[caption id="attachment_57245" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Peter Facinelli[/caption]

"Emmett's really strong. We had a big van," the erstwhile Dr. Cullen insisted. " If you saw us carrying those benches setting up for the wedding, you could see that that's not a problem. Carrying the gynecological equipment was not a problem."

Of course it wasn't, but seriously, machines that go beep and ultrasounds and all that aren't exactly available for purchase on And we can't imagine supply companies would just ship to someone's home. Thankfully, Facinelli described a scene that didn't quite make the movie (or Stephenie Meyer's book, for that matter).

"I stole them outta the hospital. I have a set of keys," he explained. "We went up there at nighttime with a van and me and Kellan [Lutz]'s character Emmett went in there and just cut loose and got all the equipment."

Sounds like "Breaking Dawn" had an "Oceans 11" moment we didn't even know about. Now that's a movie we want to see.