5 Questions With... 'X-Men Destiny' Voicer Scott Porter

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Scott Porter isn't just a TV star – he's also a member of the X-Men.

But don't worry. You didn't miss the "Friday Night Lights" and "Hart of Dixie" star looming in the background in "X-Men: First Class" this summer. Instead, he's flexing his superhero muscles through his vocal chords in the new "X-Men Destiny" videogame that came out this week for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii.

In the game, he'll be introducing fans to a new mutant, Adrian Luca, who must make the age-old choice between joining up with the X-Men or helping to destroy the world with the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Thankfully, Porter's real-life choices aren't quite as epic. In fact, as the guy told us during San Diego Comic-Con, he's actually kinda funny.

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So what was it like finally getting to be a superhero, or at least having your voice be one?

It was incredible bringing Adrian to life. I think that we have a really unique opportunity to introduce new characters to X-Men fans and new characters that are grounded in X-Men lore and just steeped in it. I mean, Aimi [voiced by Jamie Chung] is Sunfire’s daughter, Adrian is the son of the Purifier. The state of the world of the X-Men right now, it’s very important; the battle between them and that Adrian is coming into this is very intense. It was amazing to be a mutant, for once.

Are you hoping that Adrian makes his way into a future movie someday?

It’s always the hope when you do things within a certain cannon like "The X-Men" and you hope that it can crossover into the books or movies or something like that. With [comic book writer] Mike Carey writing the story and shepherding this whole videogame along, like I said, the characters are built around it. They have great pasts and it’s interesting to see what their future is.

What can you tell us about your upcoming film, "The To Do List?"

It's got an amazing cast, a ton of actors that I love and that I’ve worked with in the past. With Aubrey Plaza, and Connie Britton and Rachel Bilson…

That's a bunch of funny ladies. Are you funny?

I can be funny. What’s funny about this whole situation is my first, I guess, splash on the scene was as Jason Street, [in "Friday Night Lights"] a highly dramatic show. But before that I was doing off-Broadway musical comedies. I was in a show called "Alter Boys" about a struggling Christian boy band. I was the original Matthew. So, yeah, I’ve got a funny bone in me. Maybe one or two, not as many as Aubrey [Plaza] does, but maybe a few.

OK, you keep starring at Katee Sackhoff over there. Are you geeking out right now?

I'm a huge fan of "Battlestar," so yeah. I’m geeking out over everything. I came to Comic-Con five years ago and I said, "I don’t want to come back unless I have something," because it was packed, I couldn’t get anywhere and there were lines everywhere. So, to come back and sit on a panel with Stan Lee, Mt. Everest has been climbed with just that.