Angelina Jolie Spills the Beans About 'Cleopatra'

[caption id="attachment_11817" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Angelina Jolie[/caption]

Angelina Jolie isn't just really hot -- she's also really busy. Besides juggling her kids (not literally), her acting career and her philanthropic efforts in Africa, it's a wonder she has any time left to talk to MTV News about her upcoming projects.

But that's just what she's done, spilling the beans (again, that's a metaphor) at the Cannes Film Festival about yet another time-consuming role she's taken on: A-list producer. And the subject of her efforts? Why, it's a 3-D historical epic about the life of Cleopatra, which may unite Jolie with acclaimed director David Fincher.

"Fincher's been an old friend, so we've always been looking for something to do," Jolie said.

And what else did she say? Well, jump on over to MTV News to hear the rest. After all, there's no telling when Jolie might have time to talk about these projects again.