Robert Wilson's 'Death Of Marat'-Inspired Lady Gaga Portrait Is Giving Us LIFE!

Check out Lady Gaga's Robert Wilson painting inspired by "The Death Of Marat."

Gaga bares her breast in the Louvre for the good of ARTPOP.

On Thursday night, Lady Gaga logged on to Twitter to spread the ARTPOP gospel in 140 characters or less. The missive this time? Oh, you know. Just that world-renowned experimental theater director Robert Wilson had re-created famous artworks in a series of video portraits that sub in the "Do What U Want" singer for each piece's subject, and that they're gonna be displayed in the Louvre. See? NBD... on OPPOSITE DAY!!!! SO COOL.

This particular frame is based on David's "The Death Of Marat," a painting that depicts the assassination of French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat midway through a soak in the tub. That seems really relevant to Gaga's whole "artist versus the critic" mentality this era, right Little Monsters? (Remember that "LADY GAGA IS OVER!" video? Mhm.) Which reminds us: STAY AWAY FROM BATHTUBS, GAGA.

Anyway, along with the picture, Gaga tweeted: "I know my artiness + musical goals may seem lofty, but there is a POP STAR IN THE LOUVRE, right next to the Mona Lisa." Ummmm, how about those haterz get their own beautifully rendered portraiture put on display in Paris' historic art museum, and then they go back to being all about that calling people lofty life. In the meantime, tell Mona we said: "Hay, girl, hayyyyy."

Photo credit: Robert Wilson via @LadyGaga