Has 'Carter' Really, Truly, FINALLY Washed Her Hands Of Lori?

The teen told off her kidnapper, but it certainly wasn't the first time.

A bond between a child and mother is said to be unbreakable. That between a child and her abductor? Well, that might not be so set in stone.

On Tuesday night's "Finding Carter" episode, Carter, who thought she'd seen the last of her two-time kidnapper Lori, got a distressing call from one of Lori's ex-boyfriends Alan. According to Alan, Lori, who had finally been imprisoned for her crimes, had become severely disturbed, and he insisted that she belonged in a mental health facility where she could receive treatment. Unfortunately, he pointed out, she couldn't gain entry to such an institution unless she was evaluated by an independent mental health professional, which, Carter discovered, cost a pretty penny.

So, though Carter had moved on from the woman she'd previously believed was her mother, she suddenly felt guilt at the idea of letting the justice system sentence Lori to a prison that wouldn't properly address her condition. Carter's legal mother Elizabeth, meanwhile, shared concerns that Lori may have secretly been behind the call and was simply trying to claw her way back into Carter's life. Carter, who did consider her mother's warning, nevertheless set out on a mission to accrue $2,000 and hire someone who could properly diagnose Lori.


Thanks to Crash's generosity, Carter was finally able to pay a professional psychiatrist to meet with Lori, and Carter, who tagged along, noticed that Lori did sincerely seem distraught. The woman ignored questions, snapped at the psychiatrist at the drop of a hat and punctuated nearly every breath with a facial tic. Worst of all, though, Lori refused to take the evaluation seriously and deluded herself with the notion that her stay in jail was temporary -- and that she and Carter would soon reunite. Finally, when Carter realized she wasn't getting through, she dismissed Lori and left.

"You really don't understand what you've done, do you?" Carter asked. "You're not getting out of here, and even if you were, things would never be the same between us."

"Now that I've come here today and seen you, I am so glad that I did -- because Lori, you are ill, whether you realize it or not, and I am sorry for you," she added.

This certainly isn't the first time that Carter's told off Lori, but there was a unique finality in the tone of her voice. So, do you think it really is the last time Carter will speak to Lori, and has she finally washed her hands of her kidnapper? Or is it only a matter of time before Carter is dragged back into Lori's world? After all, her visit to prison was proof that she hadn't completely cut Lori off...

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