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7 Tips For Snagging A Kylie Lip Kit

Trust me, I'm an expert

On this day, March 25, 2016 at 3 P.M. PST, Kylie Jenner's latest lip kit Kourt K will be released. If you're considering snagging one for your own, be warned: It's not easy. Kylie lip kits have continuously sold out within minutes during every release. Whether you've tried every time to no avail or this is your first rodeo, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will put you on the path to lip kit success. Good luck, and may your lips be as matte as Kylie's Range Rover.

  1. Copy and paste your credit card number onto a word document

    This way you can just copy and paste it during checkout. And while you're at it, add your shipping address into autofill on Google Chrome. You'll shave seconds (minutes, perhaps!) off your checkout time.

  2. Have the "shop" tab open on your computer beforehand

    This sort of seems like a no brainer, but rather than going through the homepage, you're headed straight to the source.

  3. Tell everyone around you to STFU

    People are rude, and some will even mock you for prioritizing the purchase of a cosmetic necessity over, say, your job. Ignore the haters and tell them to please hush because this will need your full attention.

  4. Don't be afraid to refresh

    Yes, I know. This goes against everything you've ever been told. You just gotta trust me on this one.

  5. BE COOL

    During checkout, you might be redirected to a page that says something along the lines "there's a technical difficulty." It will also tell you to wait a few minutes and try again, which is rude because they know damn well everything will be sold out by then. Remain calm, and follow step four quickly and frequently until you get back to the checkout.

  6. Take a screenshot of the order confirmation page

    Nobody's perfect, and that includes the people running Kylie Cosmetics℠. If you're familiar with my plight, you know that the first time I made an order, I never received a confirmation email and assumed I never actually purchased them (please direct all complaints about how I need to check my bank account more to my mom where she will happily complain with you). That said, if you get to a page that says you purchased them, take a screenshot just in case anything gets wonky.

  7. Cry because you did it!

    What a rush!