The ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cast Brilliantly Spoofs ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

Watch the Litchfield ladies put a prison-appropriate spin on 'Peeno Noir.'

Much to your binge-watching pleasure, two of Netflix’s most popular series, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the New Black, are gearing up for their respective new season premieres. And what better way to celebrate than by toasting with a glass of pinot noir honey jar hooch?!

In a genius crossover parody, the Litchfield ladies of OINTB put their own spin on “Peeno Noir,” Titus Andromedon’s ode to genitalia that became 2015’s unofficial Song of the Summer after debuting on Kimmy Schmidt. Because fine wine is hard to come by in prison, though, the OINTB crew sing about their homemade jail yard hooch, lovingly referred to as their “Honey Jar.” Like the insanely catchy and nonsensical “Peeno Noir,” everything must rhyme with the title: “behind bars,” “screwdri-var,” “kitchen czar,” and even “stalk Christo-phar” (sung by Morello, of course).

Big Boo, Dascha, Taystee, Alex, Sophia, Crazy Eyes, and all the rest of your fave prison ladies (sans Piper) make an appearance in the hilarious vid. And as a nice little refresher of the past three seasons, they even throw in a few references to OITNB plot lines, including Red’s chicken obsession, Piper’s budding lingerie business, and Black Cindy’s new Jewishness.

OITNB returns June 17 and Kimmy Schmidt is back April 15. Count on both shows to remind you that “females are strong as hell,” dammit.