Josh Hutcherson Is A Heartbroken Superhero In DJ Snake’s ‘Middle’ Video

These high-flying stunts rival anything you saw in The Hunger Games

Josh Hutcherson has had his fair share of action and romance on the big screen, but for his latest role, the Hunger Games alum is getting a superhero-sized boost of drama.

Hutcherson stars in the new music video for DJ Snake’s “Middle,” the first single from the French DJ’s upcoming debut album. British singer Bipolar Sunshine contributes the track’s vocals, recounting all the ways he’s hurt someone and promising to right his wrongs.

In the vid, we see Hutcherson as a masked superhero who smears his face with red, black, and white paint. He’s alone and misunderstood, until he finds a fellow high-flying companion in Dope star Kiersey Clemons. Together, they soar above the city, scale buildings sideways, and dodge people’s judgmental stares -- hey, they’re freaks, but they have each other. That is, until an interesting twist creeps in and we see Hutcherson’s heart shattered.

Watch below and see if you can spot DJ Snake’s quick cameo.