You Can Totally Instagram Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, And Kendrick Lamar News With Our App

MTV News has something brand new, just for you

Spring is days away from being sprung, folks, and with that comes fragrant flowers, clear skies and, especially, new beginnings. It's with this oh-so-fresh feeling that MTV News would like to introduce you to our fancy new app, available on iOS and Android.


You might have noticed that MTV News has a brand-new look. We extended that all-new design to our app, a destination where you can devour the latest stories in music, politics, pop culture, style and more.

The coolest part about the new, improved MTV News app is the ability to email, text, or share the stories that matter to you via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or Pinterest -- and you can customize what people see when you share it, too. How? Just use our new screen capture feature.


With it, you can close in on Kendrick Lamar's face to tweet his breakdown of his To Pimp A Butterfly tracks, you can highlight a phrase you found hilarious in one of our Surrealist Republican Debate Scorecards and Pin it, and you can even screenshot your favorite Cole Sprouse modeling pic and Instagram it to your heart's content -- the ways to share your thoughts are endless, and like the first bud of spring, that's a beautiful thing. 🌷

Download the MTV News app via the Apple Store or Google Play.