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Proof That Star Wars Actor John Boyega Is Too Damn Perfect For This Galaxy

A tribute to John Boyega, the most perfect traitor in the galaxy

Some might says it's hyperbolic to call John Boyega the most perfect human in the galaxy, but we here at MTV News say it's a fact. (Sorry, T8-TR.) Who could possibly gaze upon his beautiful face and see anything less than perfection?

The 23-year-old Brit shot onto the Hollywood scene after he was cast as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and he's been wooing us with his humor and charm and general adorableness ever since. Did we mention he has a cat named Oluwalogan who he frequently FaceTimes? Yeah, he's that perfect. Oh, and his Daisy Ridley impression is pretty solid as well. Not to mention that one scroll through his Instagram page will have you smiling like an idiot without even realizing. Don't believe us? Take a glimpse at some of the brilliance for yourself:

Pure genius! When worlds collide!

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The things that still shock me... Hard to fathom this. Pic by @sharnikapower xx

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Throwback Thursday. #brothersfrom18centurytillnow

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Miss you Oluwalogan. #hesimplysniffedthephone #Hehaseverythingtofightfor #hepeedonthesofa

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Boyega's performance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as rogue Stormtrooper Finn was electrifying -- and not just because he inspired the single best moment in the film (a.k.a. BB-8's thumbs up). Rather, his excitement to be part of something as monumental as Star Wars: Episode VII was palpable. It radiated off the screen. It's no surprise Boyega is nominated for two MTV Movie Awards for his stellar performance, including Breakthrough Performance, which has an indomitable track record for honoring future mega-stars.

Much like Han Solo's role in A New Hope, Boyega's Finn is pulled into an adventure he didn't sign up for and he is eager to get the hell out of dodge and away from the First Order as soon as possible.

But despite his flaws, Finn shows a tremendous amount of bravery in saving Poe (Oscar Isaac), joining the Resistance, and running right back into the Starkiller Base to help save Rey (Daisy Ridley) from Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Boyega carried the weight of that complexity with grace and humor, and audiences took notice. He and Ridley have become for this generation of children what Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) was for the previous one -- and Boyega takes this responsibility seriously.

On Friday (March 11), Boyega, dressed as Finn, spent the day delivering Star Wars toys to sick children at The Royal London Hospital in London. He was joined by a very special fan: 5-year-old Daniel Bell, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and whose wish it was to meet Boyega's Star Wars character, Finn, and hand out toys with him. Boyega "jumped" at the opportunity to fulfill Daniel's wish and meet young fans of the franchise.

Boyega embodies the spirit of Star Wars, a galactic fairy tale about hope, perseverance, and fulfilling your destiny. For that, he's our #ManCrushMonday now until the end of space and time -- the only man we wouldn't mind being stuck in a TIE fighter with while First Order forces tried to shoot us down. (OK, so maybe we'd invite Oscar Isaac to that party, too.)

If you think Boyega deserves a Golden Popcorn for his pivotal performance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then vote for him, and his Star Wars co-stars, for the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. You have until March 20, 2016 to cast your vote.