Director’s Cut: Roland Emmerich, 'White House Down' (Video)

If Roland Emmerich has a calling card -- let's face it, it's blowing up landmarks. With "disaster porn" like "The Day After Tomorrow" and "2012" under his belt, he's gained the well-deserved reputation of creating action-destruction spectacles. His latest, "White House Down," is no exception. And the title says it all: This time, Emmerich is targeting the president's house. sat down with the director at the film's Washington, D.C. junket to discuss his signature style (“I chose and created a little bit of my own genre," he says) and the ongoing comparisons between Jamie Foxx's character and President Barack Obama ("He just plays the politician...[but] he could have ‘done’ Obama to the tee").

Check out more of Emmerich's thoughts on the film in the video interview above, and read our review of the film here.

Reporting by Kevin Polowy

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