Movies Streaming This Week: Spring Break, Spring Break, Spring Break Forevverrrrrr


With "The Bling Ring" in theaters you can make a fun double feature now as its distant cousin, "Spring Breakers," is now available through streaming (decide for yourself which group of girls are the craziest). There’s also the first Vimeo On Demand release, "Some Girl(s)," adapted from Neil LaBute’s play. We also highlight some of the best titles from one of the most polarizing film genres in recent memory.


'Spring Breakers'

Harmony Korine’s celebration of… (how do I put this…) youthful exuberance, is highlighted by the performance of Disney gals Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens along with a crunked out James Franco.

Why Watch It: If you haven’t yet, you should, if you have already you should again. That’s all I can say.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant [On Demand 7/9]

'The Call'

Halle Berry plays a 911 operator who after learning that a killer from her past has abducted a teenage girl takes matters into her own hands.

Why Watch It: It’s directed by Brad Anderson ("Session 9," "The Machinist") so there have to be some redeeming qualities.

Available On: Cable On Demand, iTunes, VUDU

'The Host'

The latest adaptation from the "Twilight" saga author Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan plays Melanie who in a future overtaken by body snatching beings tries save those closest to her.

Why Watch It: Mixture of that old TV show "V" and, of course, "Twilight."

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant [On Demand 7/9]

'The Rambler'

Calvin Lee Reeder follows up his breakthrough debut, "The Oregonian," with this trippy art horror starring Dermot Mulroney as an ex-con traveling cross-country to his brother’s and the strange trip he finds himself on.

Why Watch It: If you’re seeking something different in your moviegoing experience, this if for you.

Available On: Cable On Demand, iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant, YouTube, Google Play


Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, Gael Garcia Bernal plays an ad exec who during a forced plebiscite in 1988 of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is brought on by those against Pinochet to build a campaign for the opposition.

Why Watch It: An underappreciated performance by Bernal, but decide for yourself.

Available On: Cable On Demand, iTunes, VUDU

'Some Girl(s)'

The first Vimeo On Demand release (also in theaters), Neil LaBute pens this adaptation of his own play about a guy (Adam Brody) who on the eve of his wedding sets off on a cross-country trip to tack down his ex-lovers in an attempt to make amends with them.

Why Watch It: Great ensemble that includes Kristen Bell, Zoe Kazan and Emily Watson.

Available On: Vimeo


On Demand same day as it hits theaters, Jason Statham’s latest has him starring as a disgraced ex-special forces soldier who finds a new identity but it’s within London’s underworld, leading him to trying to right wrongs.

Why Watch It: Let’s face it, at this point a Statham plot doesn’t matter, as long as he’s kicking ass it’s worth the watch.

Available 6/28: Cable On Demand, VUDU

OLDIES BUT GOODIES (Mumblecore Edition)

It’s one of the most polarizing movie genres (even denounced by many of the filmmakers who have received attention from it), but there have been some interesting work that have come out of these intimate, low budget tales of twentysomething awkwardness. Here are a few.

'Funny Ha Ha'

We should start from the beginning. This film about a recent graduate and her struggle to take the next step in her life launched the career of director Andrew Bujalski and pegged him as the "godfather of mumblecore."

Available On: Amazon Instant


The other giants in this space are the Duplass Brothers, Mark and Jay. Three years after making their debut hit "The Puffy Chair," they return with this mumblecore horror or “mumblegore” about a group of struggling actors who go to a cabin in Big Bear to write a screenplay and end up being tourmented by a their creation—a villain with a paper bag for a head.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant, YouTube, Google Play

'Hannah Takes the Stairs'

Joe Swamberg’s breakout film brought together the major players in mumblecore (Mark Duplass, Greta Gerwig, Bujalski, Ry Russo-Young, Todd Rohal) in this love triangle that revealed the raw talent of Gerwig .

Available On: iTunes


Perhaps the genre’s crowning jewel, Lynn Shelton combines its collaborative ethos with a strong story to create a funny and touching look at male friendship, or what would be termed from then on: "bromance."

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'Tiny Furniture'

Released after mumblecore became a cursed word in the indie film world, Lena Dunham writes, directs and stars in a touching semiautobiographical look at a girl trying to find herself after college. You kind of know how things turned out.

Available On: iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Instant, YouTube, Google Play