Movies Streaming This Week: A Good Day to Watch 'Side Effects'


Have some good ones this week. Soderbergh’s supposed final film, "Side Effects" is now streaming, the fun zombie love story "Warm Bodies" is also now available, John McClane returns to keep us safe in "A Good Day to Die Hard" and check out the latest horror from Ben Wheatley, "Sightseers." Also, we give you a few titles we want to check out from the newly launched Warner Archive Instant site.


'Side Effects'

In what Steven Soderbergh is calling his final feature film, he reteams with his "Contagion" and "The Informant!" screenwriter Scott Z. Burns for what looks like a traditional psychological thriller, but if you look closer is a commentary on the manipulative companies that are making drugs that we’re told will make us feel better.

Why Watch It: Along with great performance by Rooney Mara and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jude Law gives one of his best in years.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant, YouTube, Redbox Instant, Google Play [Cable On Demand 5/21]

'Warm Bodies'

Playing on our addiction for anything zombie related, this adaptation of Isaac Marion’s novel stars flavor of the moment Nicholas Hoult as a different kind of zombie: one who has an infatuation with a non-infected girl, Julie (Teres Palmer). We follow to two as they stumble through the zombie apocalypse, and like any love story, there’s also the over possessive father to deal with (played by John Malkovich).

Why Watch It: Just when you think the zombie genre is going flat a new story injects life back in it.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'A Good Day to Die Hard'

John McClane is back! This time our favorite foul-mouthed cop heads to, um, Russia(?) to help out his son Jack, and like always, stumbles upon some serious bad guy stuff. This time it’s underworld forces attempting to obtain nuclear weapons.

Why Watch It: Bruce Willis proves he’s still got it.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant


After scarring the hell out of us with the trippy "Kill List," Ben Wheatley now throws in a little bit of comedy for his latest horror, which follows couple Chris (Steve Oram) and Tina (Alice Lowe) as they go on a holiday road trip that soon turns into a blood soaked romp.

Why Watch It: Lowe and Oram, who also co-wrote the screenplay, have an incredible chemistry that makes the movie work.

Available On: Cable On Demand [Currently In Theaters]

'Black Rock'

Nothing funny here in the sophomore film of "The Freebie" director Katie Aselton (wife of Mark Duplass), as she stars opposite Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth in this thriller about a girls’ weekend on an island off the coast of Maine that goes horribly wrong and quickly becomes a struggle for survival.

Why Watch It: This take girl power to a whole other level.

Available On: [Cable On Demand and In Theaters 5/17]


There’s a new streaming option in town. Warner Archive Instant offers rare and hard-to-find movie and TV titles from the WB archives. Here’s a few that caught our eye.


James Toback’s directorial debut put him on the map with his chilling look at a loan shark/wannabe concert pianist (played by Harvey Keitel) as he struggles with his dreams of playing Carnegie Hall with the loyal following he has for his father (Michael V. Gazzo).

'The Prince and the Showgirl'

Did you enjoy Michelle Williams’ performance as Marilyn Monroe in "My Week With Marilyn?" Well, watch the real Marilyn in the film that caused the behind the scenes turmoil "My Week" is based on. Laurence Olivier (who also directed the film) plays a Prince who becomes smitten by a female performer (Monroe); her charm and sincerity proves to be an asset to the Prince’s relationship with his son.

'McCabe and Mrs. Miller'

Robert Altman’s version of a western stars Warren Betty as gambler and reputed gunslinger John McCabe, Julie Christie is Constance Miller, an English madam. The two join to run a brothel in a sleepy town in the Northwest, but soon their success catches the eye of a ruthless mining company who want to buy them out, leading to a unconventional ending for a movie set in the ol’ west.

'Three The Hard Way'

This Blaxploitation classic stars three of its icons—Jim Brown (who also stars in "Fingers"), Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly—as they stop a ruthless bigot villain who tries to taint the country’s water supply so it will become lethal to only blacks who drink it.