Movies Streaming This Week: 'Jack Reacher,' 'Mama' and More


This week we have Tom Cruise playing Lee Child’s famous book character Jack Reacher, Guillermo del Toro invites us to his latest supported horror talent with "Mama" and with the Tribeca Film Festival in its final week, some of the films from past years that you can watch on Hulu for free.


'Jack Reacher'

Tom Cruise plays the former Military Police Corps offer turned drifter who was brought to fame from the popular books by Lee Child. Based on the "One Shot" novel, Reacher is brought in as a lead investigator for a case involving a former Army sniper who shot five people at random.

Why Watch It: Decide for yourself if Cruise is Reacher-worthy.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant, Redbox Instant


Jessica Chastain throws on the dark wig and attempts to raise two kids who have lived in the woods for the last five years in Guillermo del Toro’s latest executive produced-horror. If the obvious challenges aren’t strenuous enough, things get more complicated when Annabel (Chastain) realized the kids have may not have been alone out there in them woods.

Why Watch It: If it has the blessing of del Toro it’s worth your time.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU

'Shadow Dancer'

Gaining prominence for his documentaries like Oscar winner "Man on Wire," James Marsh switches over to narrative for his latest film. Starring Andrea Riseborough as Colette, an active IRA member who is arrested and forced to become an informant for the MI5. Clive Owen plays her MI5 contact who learns the promises he’s made to Colette may not be fulfilled.

Why Watch It: A thriller with a stirring performance by Riseborough.

Available On: Cable On Demand

'Any Day Now'

This touching story starring Alan Cumming looks at a gay couple in the 1970s who are in a legal battle for the custody of a mentally handicapped teen. While battling with stereotypes of the era, the couple deals with their own internal issues of how they’re perceived.

Why Watch It: Cumming gives one of his best performances.

Available On: Cable On Demand, iTunes

OLDIES BUT GOODIES (Tribeca Film Festival Edition)

With the festival in full swing, here's some films that have shown at the fest and you can see for free on Hulu.


'Jesus Camp'

This Oscar nominated doc by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady gives a look inside the workings of a Christian summer camp where kids spend their time being taught such things like global warming is a political speculation and that they are the force behind Jesus’ return. The exposure of the camp by the film led to its closing.

'The Exploding Girl'

The film that made Zoe Kazan the latest indie film "It" girl, in the film she plays an epileptic in New York City while on summer break from college. Film has a haunting feeling played up by Kazan’s wide-eyed innocent look, however, it’s also an intimate study of the confusion of a life in flux.

'Air Guitar Nation'

Capturing the insanity (and artistry) of air guitaring, we follow some of America’s greatest talents as they vie for the honor of being the first World Air Guitar Champion from the U.S. If you need a night of some light-hearted fun, this is the pick.

'Interview With The Assassin'

This sort-of "found footage" film by Neil Burger, his debut is a fictionalized account of the discovery of the “man on the grassy knoll” on the day of the John F. Kennedy assassination.  Rob, an unemployed cameraman, is asked by his reclusive neighbor, Walter, a retired Marine with terminal cancer, to videotape a shocking confession. This leads the two on a chilling journey back to Dallas.