Movies Streaming This Week: 'A Haunted House,' 'To The Wonder' and Celebrating Chaplin’s Birthday

To the Wonder

Indies rule this week as the Marlon Wayans spoof "A Haunted House" is the only title streaming that came out of Hollywood. Highlights include Terrence Malick's latest study into our souls, "To The Wonder," and two films that will also be screening at the Tribeca Film Festival this week: Julianne Moore as a teacher with a complicated complicated love life in "The English Teacher" and gore fans should love "Fresh Meat" (just trust us).

We’ve also spotlighted some of Charlie Chaplin’s classic films in celebration of his birthday today.


'A Haunted House'

Though the Wayans brothers have departed from the "Scary Movie" franchise, that doesn’t mean they’re through spoofing popular horror movies. Here Marlon Wayans produces, co-writes and stars in this zany comedy that pokes fun at the "Paranormal Activity" films, "The Devil Inside" and others.

Why Watch It: With the David Zucker-produced "Scary Movie 5" now in theaters, we can now decide who is the king of the movie spoof (because we know that’s been nagging at you).

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'To The Wonder'

In Terrence Malick's latest exploration of the human condition, he sets his sights on couple Neil (Ben Affleck) and Marina (Olga Kurylenko) in their ups and downs of their relationship, including Neil's fling with a former flame (played by Rachel McAdams).

Why Watch It: As you would expect, incredible visuals that will keep you into the film if the plot becomes stale.

Available On: Cable On Demand, iTunes [Currently In Theaters]

'Simon Killer'

Inspired by the bubbling metropolitan of Paris and the quiet brooding of Brady Corbet, Antonio Campos creates a chilling character study of a recent college grad (Corbet) who while vacationing in Paris builds a relationship with a prostitute (Mati Diop); however we soon learn that his intentions are rarely admirable, leading to a dark conclusion.

Why Watch It: With Campos' exquisite camera work, music selections and Corbet's tour-de-force performance, this film will stay with you for some time.

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'The English Teacher'

Julianne Moore stars as high school teacher Linda Sinclair, who lives a simple life in a small town until former student Jason (Michael Angarano) returns to town having failed as a Broadway playwright. But when Linda reads his recent play she decides to try to get it the school to do it. Then things get complicated when she and Jason begins sleeping together.

Why Watch It: Moore plays a rare light comedic role; great ensemble that includes Nathan Lane, Greg Kinnear and Lily Collins.

Available On: Cable On Demand, iTunes, VUDU [Screening during the Tribeca Film Festival, April 17-28; In Theaters 5/17]

'Fresh Meat'

Sure to be a cult hit, what looks to be a high-octane, shoot-em-up hostage movie turns into a grindhouse gorefest when the criminals learn that their hostages are cannibals.

Why Watch It: Gore, comedy, drama, there’s a little something here for everyone.

Available On: Cable On Demand, iTunes, VUDU [Screening during the Tribeca Film Festival, April 17-28]

'Future Weather'

Lauduree (Perla Haney-Jardine) is a teen with a passion for the environment and is a thriving student on the way to big things. But her home life is less to be desired, and after her mother runs out on her, Lauduree is now left to fend for herself. Now her grandmother (Amy Madigan) attempts to mend their broken relationship.

Why Watch It: Haney-Jardine shows skills beyond her years opposite vets like Madigan and Lili Taylor.

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'Code of the West'

This insightful documentary by Rebecca Richman Cohen looks at the 2011 Montana State Legislature as it debates its medical marijuana law. Cohen examines all sides of this law, including the people who provide the drug and those who live a more tolerable life by taking it.

Why Watch It: Film does a great job in making you come up with your own opinions, rather than it making them for you.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU

OLDIES BUT GOODIES (Charlie Chaplin Birthday Edition)

In celebration of The Tramp’s birthday today, here’s a few titles you can watch right now from one of the greats.

Annex - Chaplin, Charlie (Modern Times)_01

'The Kid'

Though known for his comedy Chaplin also knew how to make us achingly care about his alter ego the “Tramp” and whatever endeavor he was undertaking. Like the finale of The Kid where Tramp fights through all obstacles to get back the young street kid he’s befriended.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, YouTube (free)

'The Gold Rush'

Chaplin plays a prospector in search of gold in the Yukon. The film will always be remembered for its classic cabin scene where Chaplin serves up his boot for a meal.

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'Modern Times'

Here Chaplin looks at the despair of the working man during the Great Depression as the Tramp plays a factory worker on an assembly line. Though Chaplin intended to make the film with spoken dialogue, he changed him mind during shooting, however the Tramp does mumble a song, giving us the only time his legendary character ever spoke in a film.

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'The Great Dictator'

Dealing with controversies over his political beliefs, Chaplin released this talkie satire playing a Jewish barber who is mistaken for the dictator Adenoid Kynkel.

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'Monsieur Verdoux'

A film that has found a second life in repertory theaters in the last few years, Chaplin plays a suave socialite who supports his family by marrying and then murdering rich women.

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