Movies Streaming This Week: 'Les Miserables' & More

Well, this week may be light on new releases but boy do they pack a wallop! Join Jessica Chastain in the hunt for bin Laden in Kathryn Bigelow’s intense "Zero Dark Thirty." Then available on Friday there’s the epic musical "Les Miserables," hot off Anne Hathaway’s Oscar win, and Judd Apatow’s kinda sequel to "Knocked Up," "This Is 40."

So basically you have your weekend covered. You’re welcome.


'Zero Dark Thirty'

Director Kathryn Bigelow proves she can do action sequences as well as the boys with this powerful look inside the hunt for Osama bin Laden that is spearheaded by a relentless CIA officer (Jessica Chastain) which leads to a thrilling finale that is even more impressive seeing you already know the outcome.

Why Watch It: See why Bigelow not getting an Oscar nomination this year will go down as one of the biggest snubs.

Available On: Cable On Demand, iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'Les Miserables'

The latest film adaptation of the legendary musical (originating from the equally legendary novel by Victor Hugo) stars an all-star cast that includes Anne Hathaway in the Oscar-winning role of Fantine, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried in this testament to the power of the human spirit.

Why Watch It: Regardless if you like musicals or not, the sets and grand scope of the film brings you back to the era of old Hollywood epics.

Available On [3/22]: Cable On Demand, iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'This Is 40'

Judd Apatow’s sort-of sequel to "Knocked Up" brings us back into the household of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) a few years after the events of "Knocked" to explore this modern day family filled with growing kids, the ups and downs of marriage and the realities of growing old. And like most Apatow films, the unrated version is always a bit more fun.

Why Watch It: Some of your favorites from Knocked Up return and Albert Brooks proves once more why he should be in every film.

Available On [3/22]: Cable On Demand, Amazon Instant


'Big Fish'

If you dig deep enough you can find sensitivity in most of Tim Burton’s work, but for "Big Fish" the director put it out in the open. This fantasy tale follows the travels in the life of Ed Bloom (played equally brilliantly by Ewan McGregor as young Ed and Albert Finney as old Ed), who now dying reveals the stories (or exaggerations) to his cynical son (Billy Crudup).

Available On: iTunes, Netflix, VUDU, Amazon Instant, YouTube

'Pretty In Pink'

Arguably John Hughes’ greatest screenplay, this teen comedy that epitomized the ‘80s still holds up today as Adie, Duckie and Blane still lives inside most teens today (just in different clothes and listening to different music).

Available On: iTunes, Netflix, VUDU, Amazon Instant, YouTube, Google Play

'Madonna: Truth or Dare'

The material girl shows us a different side in this revealing documentary shot during her 1990 Blond Ambition tour. Never shy of the camera, she revels what drives her, why she pushes buttons and reveals the love of her life will always be Sean Penn (wonder if she still feels that way?). Fun fact: It was produced by a then little-known company run by Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Miramax Films.

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