First Trailer For Michel Gondry's "Mood Indigo"

Lumineers never say die!

The first trailer for Michel Gondry's "Mood Indigo" has arrived, and it looks like this might be the most Michel Gondry film ever made. So precious that you better hold it with two hands, "Mood Indigo" is the story of a man (Romain Duris, who should be familiar to anyone who has seen a French film in the last 10 years) who falls madly in love with a woman (Audrey Tautou, natch) who's gravely ill because there's a lily growing in her chest. As the medical bills pile up and out of control, the man resorts to whimsy and wonder in order to save the life of his fair maiden.  If cult author Boris Vian hadn't already written this story in his beloved cult novel of the same name, Gondry would have created it himself.

To describe the trailer for "Mood Indigo," -- in French, but hardly dependent upon the language -- is to do your best imitation of Bill Hader's character, Stefan. This movie has everything: Underwater air-walking, a completely transparent limousine, a chairlift shaped like a cloud, a turntable that can reverse time, and even that incredibly famous guy from "The Intouchables!" And while it may feel like Michel Gondry on autopilot, this is the filmmaker's first foray into the fantastic since his segment of the omnibus film "Tokyo!" and I'd imagine that he has plenty of great ideas that have been kicking around for quite some time. 

"Mood Indigo" opens in France on April 24. A domestic release has yet to be scheduled, but it's a safe bet that the film will arrive on these shores by the end of the year. Gondry's old new film, "The We and the I," hits theaters on March 8.

(via i09)