Movies Streaming/On Demand This Week: 'Hitchcock,' 'Holy Motors' & Oscar Classics

New this week is Anthony Hopkins playing his most girthy character yet, legendary director Alfred Hitchock, critics favorite "Holy Motors" and two films directed and starring "Girls"’ Alex Karpovsky. But with Oscar night coming up we’ve also highlighted some past winners that you can watch now.



Anthony Hopkins is no stranger to throwing on the prosthetics to reenact a famous person from history. He’s been Richard Nixon, John Quincy Adams, he even played Adolph Hitler in a TV movie in the ‘80s, now he dons the fat suit to play Alfred Hitchcock set during the making of "Psycho."

Why Watch It: As Hopkins showcases the legendary director’s humor and temper, Helen Mirren steals the film playing Hitch’s wife.

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'Holy Motors'

One of the best-reviewed films of 2012, French filmmaker Leos Carax explores the day-in-the-life of a man (Denis Lavant) who travels around Paris playing made-to-order characters in scenarios that range from the mundane to the completely bizarre.

Why Watch It: Lavant’s amazing performance is matched by Carax’s wonderful scenarios he puts him through.

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Ethan Hawke stars as a true-crime author who after coming across a collection of 8mm snuff films begins to unlock the serial killer who is behind the murder he is researching and now may be tormenting his family.

Why Watch It: Some intense scares in this one.

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'Red Flag'

Known best as Ray on "Girls," Alex Karpovsky has a knack for playing the despicable jerk with a hipster charm. In his latest directing-starring effort he plays "Alex," a filmmaker who heads on the road with his film after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Why Watch It: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" mixed with mumblecore, there’s some solid laughs.

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More Karpovsky! Yes, another directing-starring effort. But this time we see a more serious side of the multihyphenate as he takes a true story to create a chilling story about a scientist (Karpovsky) who takes things too far after falling for a co-worker.

Why Watch It: An impressive thriller for a guy known for his comedy.

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Currently available on your Cable On Demand and the web are a slew of Oscar-winning titles. Here’s a few that caught our eye.

'American Beauty'

Looking back now the combination of Sam Mendes, Alan Ball, Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening one the same film is remarkable. And that talent led to the film winning five Oscars in 2000 and an incredible career launch for most in the film.

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'Gone With The Wind'

Considered one of the greatest movies of all time and also one of the first Hollywood blockbusters, the story of the turbulent relationship between a Southern Belle (Vivien Leigh) and a tough-as-nails rebel (Clark Gable) during the Civil War won 10 Academy Awards in 1940, including Best Picture, Director for Victor Fleming and Actress for Leigh.

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'The Lives of Others'

Winner of 2007’s Best Foreign Language film, this remarkable look at a secret police agent (Ulrich Mühe) who illegally conducts surveillance of a German couple in 1984 East Berlin and eventually becomes engrossed in their lives is headed by an incredible performance by Mühe, who sadly died in 2007.

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'Top Gun'

Yes, this did win an Oscar thank you very much! Tom Cruise’s trip to the danger zone may have been filled with macho aerial dogfights, but Academy voters got all mushy with the ballad "Take My Breath Away," which it awarded Best Original Song in 1987. Now’s the time to rewatch this ‘80s classic.

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'There Will Be Blood'

As we’re likely to see Daniel Day-Lewis receive another Oscar this Sunday, go back and watch the last time he won the hardware in 2008. Playing tyrannical oilman Daniel Plainview in Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece "There Will Be Blood," he drank our milkshakes (couldn’t resist) and scared the hell out of us.

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Oh, remember when Mel Gibson was using his mouth to direct blood-soaked epics rather than getting himself in trouble? Let’s return back to those less tabloid-fodder days with this 1996 Best Picture winner. We follow Gibson (who also won Best Director) as William Wallace, a Scotsman who’s hunger to avenge his wife’s death leads him to attempt to overthrow an empire.

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Joel and Ethan Coen finally are recognized by the Academy in 1997 winning Best Screenplay for this crime drama filled with inept murders and a pregnant police chief (played by Frances McDormand, who won Best Actress) who puts all the pieces together.

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'Annie Hall'

This instant classic walked away on Oscar night in 1978 with four Oscars—including Best Picture, Director for Woody Allen and Actress for Diane Keaton—and began Allen’s segue from just a funny man to a funny man who’s also a serious auteur.

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