New York Comic Con 2012: 'Carrie' Panel Recap

Horror fans can rest easy. There may be a new "Carrie" in town, but new doesn't always equal bad, as fans at New York Comic Con today were treated to the first teaser trailer for the Kimberly Pierce -directed "Carrie." While some may consider it a remake, it became extremely clear during this panel, which also featured producer Kevin Misher and actors Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz, that the film is drawing much more from the book. Even in the small bit of footage we saw, this was demonstrated, as instead of simply a high school gym burning to the ground, an entire city gets destroyed after school bullies humiliate the titular prom queen by way of a whole lot of pig's blood.

According to Piece, roughly 1000 gallons worth.

So what was the footage like? The teaser opens on a burning building, what one can only assume is a high school gym, as a dialogue track plays, mostly of other people talking about Carrie. The camera then pans down the street of this city burning, set against crackling sounds of fire and a religious hymn sung by Moore, until we begin to see a figure, covered in blood, staring down. As the camera reaches the figure, she looks up, directly at us. It's Carrie. And she's pissed. And I'm covered in goosebumps.

The biggest takeaway from the panel was that the film drew such a high caliber of talent because of the story and characters Stephen King wrote. While everyone is a huge fan of the Brian De Palma film, they definitely feel like this is more of a modern take on the same story, that can exist side by side instead of in competition with the 1976 classic.

"It doesn't have to take away [from the original]," professed Pierce, noting that aside from drawing heavily from the book itself, the film stars new people and explores the impact of technology, even features some bullying that surrounds around the use of social media. Pierce also talked about the subject matter's timeliness when it comes to our country's current problem with bullying, but emphasized that the film is first and foremost about growing up, power, and a mother/daughter relationship, and while it's good for a director to be aware of the social commentary and relevance, character and story should always be the focus. When a teacher of Julianne Moore's child asked a question, we even got a mini parent teacher conference as the panel discussed the motivation of the bully, and how Carrie will really show how a high school student can go from throwing tampons to murdering a pig, all in the name of hurting a fellow classmate.

The R-rated film comes to theaters March 2013. To be a part of the experience, call 207-404-2604. No, really. Julianne Moore says you must.