Movies Streaming/On Demand This Week: 'The Hunger Games,' 'Chimpanzee' & More

With "The Hunger Games" now available through streaming and On Demand, most of Hollywood ran for cover this week, though a few indies weren't afraid to go nose-to-nose with Katniss.

LCD Soundsystem fans will rejoice with "Shut Up and Play The Hits," there's also Best Foreign Oscar winner "A Separation" and the most twisted thriller to come from the U.K. in some time, "Kill List." We also got you covered if you didn’t do any summer reading.


'The Hunger Games'

The movie adaptation of the bestselling book did't disappoint. Jennifer Lawrence as tough-as-nails Katniss was championed by fans and critics alike, leading to more than $400 million at the box office. With anticipation of "Catching Fire" building, it's time to go back to Panem for a refresher.

Why Watch It: Because seeing it eight times at the movies just wasn't enough.

Available On: Cable On Demand, iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'Shut Up and Play The Hits'

After 10 years, legendary dance/punk/indie rock band LCD Soundsystem announced in Feb. 2011 that they would play their final show at New York's Madison Square Garden the following month. Here, filmmakers Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern chronicle the band's final jam.

Why Watch It: It's kinda like the hipster's version of "The Last Waltz."

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Our love for these furry primates is brought to a new level with this Disneynature documentary. It follows Oscar, a baby chimp who tries to survive on his own after being orphaned until an unlikely elder puts him under his wing.

Why Watch It: There's nothing like watching a little chimp play around to brighten your day.

Available On: Cable On Demand, VUDU

'A Separation'

Winner of Best Foreign Language Film at the 2012 Academy Awards. Director Asghar Farhadi delivers a powerful film about a married couple who must choose between moving to better the life of their child or stay in Iran and care for a family member suffering from Alzheimer's.

Why Watch It: See why this topped many 2011 Best Film lists.

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'Chico & Rita'

This Oscar-nominated animated feature celebrates Latino music and culture as we go back to 1948 Cuba to follow the passionate relationship between piano player Chico and sultry songstress Rita.

Why Watch It: Beautiful animation is matched by this heartfelt story.

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'Side by Side'

Produced by Keanu Reeves, this engaging look at the current crossroads in the film business features interviews with big name directors like George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, David Fincher, Steven Soderbergh and others about the future of filmmaking and if shooting on film is dead.

Why Watch It: If you love to geek out on the tech side of movies, this is for you.

Available On: Cable On Demand, VUDU

'Kill List'

One of the most disturbing thrillers to come from across the pond in some time, we follow a British hitman as he takes on a job promising a huge payday. However, what he gets involved in goes beyond even his disturbed mind.

Why Watch It: The last 20 minutes still haunt us.

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Insane action sequences and Nicolas Cage at his most bizarre: what's not to love about this film? And with the sequel finally in the works, now's the perfect time to add this to your Netflix queue.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman earned himself an Academy Award for Best Actor for his spot-on portrayal as Truman Capote. The movie follows the author on the brink of legendary status as he travels to Kansas to develop his book, "In Cold Blood," about the gruesome murder of a family.

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Summer Reading List on VOD

We're nearing the end of the summer — have you been doing your summer reading? We didn't think so. Check out your cable On Demand for their version of the Summer Reading List that includes "The Color Purple," "Interview With the Vampire," "Little Women," "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Romeo and Juliet" (the Leonardo DiCaprio / Claire Danes version). Isn't it better to just see the movie version of the book anyway?

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