Movies for Dummies

Book to blockbuster—a tried and true Hollywood formula. If the book's part of a series, even better. So why, Hollywood have you overlooked one of the most potentially lucrative literary franchises out there—the "Dummies" series? Since studios might find the extensive "for Dummies" list daunting, we've decided to help them get started by recommending a few that could make great movies for dummies (we mean "dummies" in a nice way) and of course, we offer a few plot and casting suggestions.

Moviemaking or Screenwriting for Dummies

Read the books, make a movie, and then make a movie about making the movie! Or recruit young filmmakers for a moviemaking contest. Then have the top 10 contenders fight to the death in a Hunger Games-style reality TV show while studios, and the world, watch.

Sex for Dummies

A romcom starring Kristen Wiig and Will Arnett as an Amish brother and sister isolated from the world and its sexiness until one day they learn about it Dr. Ruth's Sex for Dummies book and start dating. Hilarity ensues.

The Bible for Dummies

Lazy bible camp kids that haven't done their homework use the book to cram for finals. After they start dropping like flies, they discover their copy is possessed by Satan and has been floating around and book-whipping religious slackers to death. Of course, it would be a found footage film.

50 Ways to a Better You for Dummies

A self-help comedy chronicling Zooey Deschanel's quirky self-improvement misadventures which all come crashing to a halt when she meets and fall in love with the book's lesbian author, Adametta (played by Adam Sandler). Or let Tyler Perry transform it into Madea's 50 Ways to a Better You for Dummies. In which every way begins with "Hey Dummy!" and ends with "or I will beat the hell outta you!"

Psychology for Dummies

Judd Apatow writes and directs a heartwarming tale starring Seth Rogan as a stoner who decides he wants to be a psychologist based on his "Dummies" education. One by one cures all of his amusingly afflicted patients, with weed.

Raising Chickens, Goats or Ferrets for Dummies

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston raise chickens and fall in love. Who wouldn’t watch that for 90 minutes?

Computers, Twitter and the iPad 2 for Senior Dummies

A comedy of errors in which Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, George Bush and other grumpy old seniors hopelessly try to tweet, email and otherwise use The Internets.

Politics for Dummies

Foolhardy scientist James Franco teaches a monkey to read, and then he reads this book and becomes president. The apocalypse ensues.

Baby Names for Dummies

Think the riveting film Babies, but with 80 minutes of parents-to-be discussing baby names.

Songwriting for Dummies

Andy Samberg reads the book and then trains pet talents he scouts on YouTube to compose songs. His headliners consist of a dog that sings "I ruv you" and "hell-ro" and a cat who paws the piano.

Wicca & Witchcraft for Dummies

Nicolas Cage alternately screams and whispers in terror and awe after reading the book and becoming a modern-day witch who can't stop setting things (especially his hair) on fire.