Denise Richards Would Change Her Busy Schedule For A Housewives Show

Denise Richards could use a hit. Her A-list career pretty much began and ended with The World is Not Enough, aka The Film That Almost Killed the James Bond Franchise, and that dates back to the last millennium. Her reality show It's Complicated was not a success, and she came off looking deluded and humorless. She finished behind Steve Wozniak on Dancing With the Stars. She turned 40 years old on Thursday.

Sounds like just the resume for a Real Housewives show, does it not?

Apparently apropos of nothing at all, asked Richards if she would want to be a part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which will presumably be looking for a new cast member with entertainment ties following the departure of Camille Grammer. Her answer: "Heck yeah I would! It's one of my favorite shows!"

There's no evidence anyone with the show has brought up this idea, but while Richards is in the same basic age range as most of the cast, would be reliable from a feud and neurosis standpoint, and even has the same last name as Kim and Kyle Richards, at the time she was doing It's Complicated she sure didn't appear to live in the 90210 zip code, or in any other upper class neighborhood for that matter. One of the ongoing subplots of that series was her doting on her pets in a manner that seemed only a few steps removed from a very different kind of reality show, Hoarders.

So this seems like an overly ambitious goal for Richards at the present time, which is really a sad thing to say.