London Bachelor Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas Call Off The Sham

In the least dramatic Bachelor news ever, formerly engaged TV couple Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas have finally confirmed they've split.

The announcement follows weeks of rumor and speculation, boosted by paparazzi pics of Shayne frolicking all over Los Angeles with another man. The couple, whose engagement aired on ABC in May, stayed together just long enough to appear happily in love on The Bachelorette's after-show earlier this month. Shayne, as you may or may not recall, is an actress and daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas. We never said she was a good actress.

The record for happy couples on the long-running Bachelor franchise is now something dismal like 10-0. That's not counting Mary and Byron, who are apparently still together when she's not getting arrested for punching him in the face. The Bachelorette has fared slightly better -- Trista and Ryan are married with an adorable kid, as ABC likes to point out at every possible opportunity -- and DeAnna Pappas is reportedly shopping for wedding dresses. But who's counting, really?