Summer Sequels, Today and Tomorrow

You know, after the summer season is over, we're going to be seeing plenty of green-lit sequels head into development. Some are inevitable, others can be stopped with the power of the almighty dollar (or lack thereof). Below I have two lists. The first is a brief list of what I think are tent-pole movies, and the other is a list of franchises I hope we have seen the last of. Let's get it on!

Possible New Franchises


If this movie connects with audiences as much as I think it will, we'll be primed (no pun intended) for a sequel. Come on, Bay, this is the movie you were born to make. Do it! Do it!

Nancy Drew

Can't say I ever read one of these books, but I do remember seeing a million different volumes sitting on the school library's bookshelves. I stuck with Roald Dahl, but somebody must have been reading them. This is a tent-pole movie if I've ever seen one. You know Warner Bros. is praying little girls come out in droves to see this. Theater attendants, you've been warned.

The Simpsons Movie

Ugghmm. Mmmmmmmm. Sequelicious ....

Sequels I Hope We Avoid

Spider-Man 4

I told you I was going to ruffle some feathers if the third movie disappointed. So ... Ruffle! Ruffle! Ruffle! If you took Sandman out of this movie and saved him for the fourth, thereby fixing the shortcuts taken in the third film's screenplay, then maybe I'd actually look forward to this thing. My Spidey senses tell me it's just time to move on. Sadly, the $148 million opening weekend spells doom for my wishes. It doesn't matter how bad the last movie was or who's not signed on for the next one. Tobey Maguire holding out? Hellooo, Shia LeBeouf!

Ghost Rider 2

Let's nip this one in the bud. I know this is a slight cheat here because this is not a summer movie, but I want to be clear as to how badly I do not want to see Nicolas Cage sell his soul again (again). Nic, if you don't step away from the bike, I'm pumping my Adaptation DVD full of lead. I mean it! Just one foot and the disc gets it.

Rush Hour 4

After watching the latest trailer for the third film, I think I'm Rush Hour'd-out. It was fun, guys, but this relationship is going nowhere. You used to amuse me, but now you're starting to annoy me a bit, and quite frankly, I don't want to end this on a bad note. I want to remember the good times. Yeah ... good times.

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