Kim Kardashian's Former Publicist Dishes

Whatever Kim Kardashian did to her former "publicist," I hope she does it again. This is awesome. Jonathan Jaxson -- who, if I am researching this correctly, is a 23-year-old gay kid who's appeared on every reality TV or talk show he can squirm his way onto -- has started his own celebrity gossip blog with a bang, putting Kim Kardashian on blast. His first blog entry touches on such subjects as Paris, Britney, that sex tape, and black men. I'd summarize, but it's really best if you just read his own words. You can check out his Flash-tastic website here (there's no permalink for this text, but you can find it under the "JJ's Blog" tab). I've bolded what I feel are the best parts, although the process was a lot like choosing your favorite children. And just assume there's a [sic] next to everything. It'll save me some time. You can read the entire entry here.

This is one woman who has completely used and abused my contacts and work ethic. She will remain semi-famous until Hollywood decides to focus their attention on the real women of Hollywood who work hard for what they have...

I guess you get the spotlight you have always wanted when your:

1) Rich

2) Dad's Famous

3) You sleep with celebrities.

4) Tag along with some of Hollywood's hottest and #5

5) Release a sex tape and having someone act on your behalf as your publicist to Page 6 the same day as if you really didn't know!!!


The wannabe is Kim Kardashian, known as Paris Hilton's former BFF. That is right, former. As this former gal-pal was tired of Paris Hilton's ways and wanted her own spotlight. Kim claims to not have ever partied with drugs or alcohol, however I have pictures to prove otherwise. She claims that is all that Paris did and it got real old not only partying with her at all times, but being her 'sidekick.'

Most recently Kim was to attend several fashion shows for LA Fashion Week. I had a client attending several events and asked Kim if she were interested in attending and/or walking. Kim said 'sure!' I booked several shows for her to attend and/or walk, with in the end being asked to ensure her that Paris Hilton would not be showing up to any of them. Kim had not spoken to Paris in three weeks at this time and didn't want any sort of blow up in public.

While Kim was in NYC during Fashion Week, this past February, she spoke to me regarding the relationship she has with Paris and the fact she is trying to get away from her. She said she was scared that there will be a backlash when she is about to launch her own likeness.

Either way, Kim will never have the same power Ms. Hilton has. I doubt Paris Hilton's life is hurting without Kim. It is amazing Paris has so much power in the Hollywood circle, especially over these budding socialites.

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