Box Office Predictions Jan. 12

This year's method of "numbers that make sense" is doing far better than last year's "random number generator" process. So that's good news. Also, Night at the Museum is making life easier for all us predictors out there with it's continued dominance of the mediocre.

5. The Pursuit of Happyness $10.2m
It's the last weekend for William in the top five, and he's facing some serious heat from Primeval and Freedom Writers too. Hedge bets city!

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4. Arthur and the Invisibles $10.4m

That 25 percent on RottenTomatoes is very nasty. But there are just enough parents, also called suckers, to boost this into the double digits. I think.

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3. Stomp the Yard $10.7m
These kids fly around the screen like they just drank mochachinos for about eight hours. Plot? No thanks, not here, but still relatively fun (I reviewed it here).

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2. Dreamgirls $12.8m
Now Dreamgirls is doubling the theater counts and so the yo-yo will continue. I can only guess that the studio is sending commandos into each town before it opens there.

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1. Night at the Museum $17.4m
No movie has won four weekends in a row in three years. Crazily enough, this will be the one to break that streak.

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Check back with MaryAnn on Monday, she remains at large.


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