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Leonardo Dicaprio Becomes Unwitting Girl Scout Cookie Spokesperson

Leonardo DiCaprio helps Girl Scout cookie sales -- according to these Girl Scouts.

If you recall the moments before Leonardo DiCaprio walked up to collect his Best Actor nod for The Revenant, Oscars host Chris Rock shilled cookies from his daughters's girl scout troop to the gathering of "millionaires," as Rock phrased it.

DiCaprio purchased a box of Trefoils, and hours later, became part of Academy Award history.

Coincidence? Probably not.

This gave the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County, New York, an idea. Why not invoke Leo's Oscar win to help boost sales? So, they created the following hilarious sign:

It reads:

This is Leo

Leo wants an Oscar

Leo buys Girl Scout Cookies at the awards

Leo wins an Oscar

Leo is smart

Be like Leo

After the official Girl Scouts Facebook page posted the image, it went viral, gaining more than 17,000 shares and 60,000 likes. Did it actually help their sales, though? The Girl Scouts say "Yes!"

"It made people stop at the table to read the sign, and then we were able to ask them to buy cookies," the troop told ABC News. "It's hard to say no to a Girl Scout."

Clearly -- Leo couldn't say no, either. And we should all try to "be like Leo."

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