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Leonardo DiCaprio's Cute Baby Photo Is Grossing People Out For The Worst Reason

The adorable pic is getting people talking

A throwback picture of Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, of all things, is causing controversy right now. No, really. On March 1, All Day Media's History In Pictures shared a cute photo of Leo smiling with his parents, George DiCaprio and Irmelin Indenbirken.

Unfortunately, a handful of early commenters/garbage human beings were more focused on Indenbirken's unshaved armpit than the adorable baby sitting on her shoulder. ?

"Mom is even more hairy than Dad!" wrote one guy, confirming my long-held belief that comments are the worst place on the Internet.

"I think the bear that mauled him [Leonardo DiCaprio] in The Revenant is hiding under mom's arm..." wrote another.

Over 7k comments, 102k actions, and 13k shares later, these sexist comments were thankfully squashed by thousands of people. Some fans even posted photos of their own armpit hair to support Indenbirken's choice to do whatever the hell she wants with her body: "Why does his mom have to shave? All women grow hair under their arms. This was a different time. This was normal. And women STILL DONT [sic] have to shave to appease you!"

"Who cares about her arm pits!" another commenter agreed. "Look at her happy smile. She's so proud of her baby then, look at him now! Mama is on top of the world now."

Yeah, bringing an Oscar home will do that to you. ? Consider your faith in humanity restored!

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