Paul Chanel/Imgur & Getty

This Man Turned His Butt Into An Island

No butt is an island -- except for this dude's

Sometimes inspiration strikes where you least expect it. You could be looking at a field of tall grass when you suddenly come up with the perfect way to express your love; you could stare into the eyes of an animal and gain the confidence to conquer your fears; or you could see your butt and think to yourself, "This would be a great place to live."


Imgur user PaulChanel recounts a story of creativity so unique, the result really is a sight to behold. Chanel, who is in a wheelchair, described the epiphany he had when he first recieved a seat scan for his wheelchair.

"Whenever I need a new wheelchair, or a new seat cushion, I get a scan," PaulChanel says on Imgur.

His... erm... posterior is scanned much like those foot scanners in drug stores when he needs to replace his seat cushion or chair to help with any problems he may have in the long term. "I was so intrigued with the first scan of my butt that I sent it to an artist in the U.K."

What resulted was an artist's rendering of Paul's booty as an island -- The Isle of Gravelous Butticus. The hilariously clever map has several tongue-in-cheek jokes hidden within.

Take the regions of North and South Cheek, the appropriately placed leviathan serpent, and the "Point of No Entry" and you have yourself "an ass that looks like a nice place to live in," as one commenter aptly put. ?

Giggle uncontrollably while reading the story in his own words below.