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A Kit Kat Being Surgically Placed In A Three Musketeers Bar Has Taken Over The Internet

A mysterious figure Frankensteins his food -- and people can't get enough of it.

You know those times you're on YouTube watching a video by FKA Twigs or whoever, and you see on the right side bar a video that interests you, so you click? And this happens about 4 or 10 more times until you're watching cows singing a polka version of Happy Birthday or a video equally as strange?

Well, it seems like the following video comes from that part of the Internet.

People can't seem to get enough of new YouTube channel The Food Surgeon. Basically appearing out of nothingness a month ago, The Food Surgeon has been uploading videos every week of a man acting much like Dr. Frankenstein -- except instead of human parts, he uses food.

On March 3, The Food Surgeon uploaded a totally mesmerizing video of a Kit Kat being placed inside of a Three Musketeers bar via surgery.

Donning rubber gloves and using actual surgical tools, the faceless man in this bizarre clip has already racked up an impressive 550,000 views on this video alone, and mass confusion on the web on why his videos are so hypnotizing:

Pretty good start for a doctor who sometimes takes a nice big bite out of his patients. ?

Watch the full video below.

H/T Inquisitr